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What is neurodiversity?

Simply put, our brains are all wired differently! 

Neurodiversity is another category of diversity. We typically think of diversity as a difference we can see, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Neurodiversity, however, is not a visible difference. It is a difference in thinking style.  

Neurodiverse conditions include dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette's, individuals on the autism spectrum, and those with Asperger Syndrome. 15%-20% of the population is estimated to be neurodivergent and 1 in 45 people is estimated to be autistic.

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Can understanding neurodiversity help my company in a tight labor market?

Yes! The neurodiverse is a qualified, untapped talent pool. In fact, 50,000 autistic adults enter the US job market annually. These skilled, educated job candidates are available to work and want to work. Companies who have hired autistic employees report increases in innovation, productivity, profits and better branding. It's also the human thing to do. Simple adjustments to recruitment practices, management styles and the work environment can help neurodivergent employees perform their best. These adjustments benefit other employees, too.

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"If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism."

Dr. Stephen Shore, Advocate, National Speaker, Author

How can neurodiversity workplace training help my company?

Neurodiversity workplace training helps you to understand the differences in behavior of neurodivergent employees so you can create an inclusive hiring process and work environment. You learn the skills that allow you to expand your talent pool to include these job candidates in your hiring decisions. You learn the skills that allow you to help neurodivergent employees better assimilate into work groups so you retain them in this competitive job market.

Read More provides companies with half-day neurodiversity-training workshops and custom consultation to help them identify and implement workplace strategies that allow them to include neurodivergent job candidates in their hiring decisions, to retain their neurodivergent employees, and to see all employees thrive!

inclusion training for hr EMPLOYEES

This half-day interactive workshop provides specific strategies that allow your organization to become a neurodiverse-inclusive workplace, to open a largely untapped talent pool in a competitive job market and to empower current neurodivergent employees to do their best work.

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HIRING PROCESS strategies and techniques for HR AND HIRING TEAMS

This half-day interactive workshop adjusts the hiring process emphasis from a "social event",  which can be a challenge for autistic candidates, to encouraging hiring teams to help all candidates reveal their strengths and skills when evaluating the candidate best able to perform the job.

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Workgroup ACCEPTANCE Workshop

This half-day interactive workshop helps workgroup members to understand and respect the differences neurodivergent colleagues bring to the workplace. It addresses teamwork and fitting-in so employers retain qualified employees that are doing the job.

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Lori Ruedinger

Proud Founder

Data science. AI. Robotics. Engineering. Cybersecurity. Healthcare. Insurance. Job areas experiencing tremendous growth. They require the strengths common of neurodivergent employees including: strong analytic and problem solving skills, data-driven thinking styles, great attention to detail, visual thinkers, ability to recognize patterns, and good spatial knowledge. Yet this talent pool of qualified candidates is 85% unemployed. Why aren't they filling these jobs? There's a disconnect, and it's put me on my current path. My research led to passion and to an opportunity to give back.

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